"There is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happiness for the one who doubts."

The Bhagavad Gita

Sacred TeachingsBhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita

The central point of these teachings, the Gita, is that they are a "manual for life." They teach us how the world works, how it affects us on a personal, familial, country, and Earth level. Through the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, you learn how to deal with every day issues in a deep way so that they do not return. You learn how we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and suffer unnecessarily.

Because we do not know how the game of life works, we have not been able to fix it.  But now you can!  The answers to all of our questions are in this set of teachings that have been waiting for you to find them. Well now that you have found them you have to apply them in your life, and watch how your suffering decreases as you become more wise to the ways of the world.

These are not religious concepts but living truths.  

The knowledge in these teachings will lift even the deepest fears and depression if applied to your every day life.  The teachings will help you to make the right choices and judgments in your life, to bring you back into balance and happiness.

These are not old teachings; they are forever young in timeless wisdom. Look at them like this: you go to a river that has been there for centuries and bend down to take a drink. You have touched the ancient by drinking the new, ever-rejuvenating water! And the same thirst that was quenched millenniums ago is once again quenched today.


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A more in-depth explanation of the Bhagavad Gita


Powerful and insightful teachings of enlightened masters, handed down over thousands of years, often contain universal truths that are applicable and even essential in living an authentic and meaningful life today. The wisdom shared by these sages provides keen insight into methods of living in harmony with each other and with the Divine, and is as relevant in today's high-tech busy world as it was thousands of years ago.

Through understanding and applying these ancient texts to our daily life, we can heal ourselves, raise consciousness and provide a beneficial example for others. These ancient teachings provide a guidebook for moving into the future in peace, love and enlightenment.

The Bhagavad Gita, or "Song of God", is considered one of the most important of these ancient texts. Comprised of 700 verses, the Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahabharata, an epic story of ancient India, which in turn is part of a larger set of sacred Sanskrit teachings called the Upanishads, which means “to sit at the feet of the teacher”. The Bhagavad Gita is an allegory in which humanity’s “battle” between good and evil is explored on many levels through beautiful verse and insightful metaphor. These teachings are presented as a profound dialogue in which Krishna (God) poses as his friend Arjuna’s chariot driver on the eve of Arjuna’s ride into battle against his family. Responding to Arjuna's moral crisis, Krishna counsels Arjuna to fulfill his destiny as a warrior, and enlightens Arjuna on Hindu philosophies.

Sacred texts such as the Bhagavad Gita are enjoying a popular resurgence, as increasingly people are turning to these ancient truths to help navigate today’s challenging world. With economic shifts, global tensions, and environmental events, we search for meaning and answers amid the perceived confusion. Interpreted correctly, ancient teachings are value systems that can provide insight, understanding and healing. These higher truths enable us to raise our perception of events, see beyond the mundane, and experience events through a higher consciousness, thereby seeing the larger Divine plan behind every event or experience. As the ancient texts teach us, there are no accidents, all is part of the Divine karmic plan, and although there are many varied paths, there is but one destination.

Although often “hidden” in parables, stories and metaphor, all genuine ancient texts convey the same universal truths. These similarities among texts remind us of another ancient teaching: we are all connected as one. Applying these universal truths to our thoughts, words and actions can help us begin to make higher choices, which will in turn lead to higher consciousness results that will benefit ourselves, those around us and even the collective planetary consciousness. In this way, we can live in service and experience more fully the truth that these powerful ancient teachings are a Divine gift to the past, present and future.