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Gita Teachings - Soul Mates

The following is an excerpt from Session 2 of the Bhagavad-Gita teachings hosted by Derek O'Neill at the Creacon Prema Agni Retreat Centre in Wexford, Ireland.

′I hear people talk about,  “Oh! I’d love to meet my soul mate”. Great. I know thousands of people who have met their soul mates, only to find out that they weren’t soul mates; they were cellmates. Imprisoned they were. Right?  Imprisoned? Why? Because I’m sure you seen the very happy couple who grow old gracefully together, smiling their way through. Your poster pictures for granny and granddad, and then one dies and the other one falls apart. Guess what? Back onto the wheel for two of them.
So is that what you want?  Is that the soul mate you’re looking for? Or is the soul mate the Atma mate? You and Your Self in union, whilst sharing that union with another with the unattached element. And that’s the battle that all the Arjunas have to look at.  That’s your real battle.
You can be with somebody; you can love somebody; you can sex somebody; you can whatever, as long as you have your eye on the goal.  Nothing will taste sweet except that union. I can guarantee you all that.  So lift your consciousness.  Don’t just accept second best.  It is your birthright to have only the amrita of love.  Nothing that this world can produce should be good enough for you.  If you are willing to accept what this world can give, bondage is yours, suffering is yours, and long is your journey on this dimension. 

- Derek O'Neill


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