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Rising Star

The Rising Star is a powerful energy therapy. It is a "self healing" therapy because all healing is self-healing. The practitioner is trained to hold the energy and create the space for you to transform on whatever level you are ready for.

The Rising Star

This healing modality incorporates many other systems of healing from all around the world, such as India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe and Celtic. The Rising Star system was developed by Derek O'Neill after having travelled the world, training in many classes including yoga, martial arts and psychotherapy. It is an experiential system that has worked for many thousands of people around the world, bringing peace and relief from many forms of suffering and transforming lives for the better.






The Rising Star Symbol

How does the Rising Star work?

The Rising Star raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the energy field around every living thing. It also restructures the human energetic system to hold more life-force energy. In this way, your entire being is prepared to receive the higher energy of a Rising Star session.

It is as if the healing energy knows exactly where it is needed most.

The Rising Star allows you and the practitioner to still your minds and transfer powerful life-force energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and rebalancing to full health. It is as if the healing energy knows precisely where it is needed most (sometimes not to the place that you think is best). It goes where it will do the most good for your overall well-being and health. You may find that the healing also has an effect on family and friends. Since we are all connected and not separate, when you change so do all around you change.

During a Rising Star session, all levels of your being are addressed – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and energetic - thus making the Rising Star extraordinarily comprehensive and effective. Because the Rising Star works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, say for a bad back, may find that another illness or issue also receives healing. For example, lower back pain may be connected with unresolved father issues, or feelings of being unsupported. During a Rising Star session, all these levels receive healing - back pain, father issues and feeling unsupported - resulting in a very comprehensive and beneficial experience.

The Rising Star works on the five elements that exist within your being: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Although not always discernable to our limited human perspective, the first four elements are found in your physical body. While the fifth element, ether, refers to the space between you and all other matter.

Why are three healing sessions recommended?

During the first session your mind will want to follow what the practitioner is doing. So most people don't switch off and relax deeply. During the second session, the mind lets go of control more so that deeper issues can be addressed. In the third session, every part of your being can be re-balanced, and you could to let go of an issue or dis-ease.

Are there any special requirements?

The Rising Star does not require you to have faith, follow a specific religion, or even believe in it, in order for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to heal and transform.

How do I schedule a Rising Star session or become a practitioner?

To schedule a Rising Star session and experience this profound healing for yourself, and to locate a practitioner in your area, please visit our Find a Practitioner page.

To become a Rising Star practitioner, please visit our SQ Certification page for certification information.


We wish you well on your way back to full health.

Trust in Trust, Faith in Faith.