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What is the Karmic Wheel of Life?

The Wheel of Life teachings are some of the most informative, inspiring, and healing teachings about how to live fully, not just survive life, and how to lose our fear of death.  We learn what causes suffering in life, how our actions cause reactions, how to stop suffering, why good things happen to us, why bad things happen to us, and why bad things happen to good people. The secrets of happiness, success, wealth, love life, even relationships are presented in a powerful and unique way.  Insights that have been around for millenniums are just waiting to be unlocked by you.  Truths that will challenge how you think and act, and make you want to change your life for the better.

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A more in-depth look at the Wheel of Life


The Tibetan Wheel of Life, also known as the Karmic Wheel and Wheel of Becoming, is a representation of the process of life, death and rebirth. While the cycle of life and death has been represented in many ways by many traditions, the Tibetan Wheel of Life is thought to be the most accurate.

The Wheel of Life, which hangs in the entryway of nearly all Buddhist monasteries and temples, is a very effective and sacred tool for spiritual seekers of all traditions. The image of the Wheel itself is a powerful mandala (sacred circular image), which brings healing and transformational energy to all who view or meditate upon it. The Wheel is a tremendous source of information that can be explored for many years and even lifetimes. The more we understand the wisdom and energy contained in the Wheel of Life, the more it can support and assist our progress on our spiritual journey toward enlightenment.

The wisdom of the Wheel can help us keep our thoughts, words and actions in alignment by showing us where we might be falling short in applying the higher spiritual teachings in our life. With this awareness and understanding, and a willingness to look within, we can move beyond unexamined human behavior and begin to make higher life choices. Through karma, or cause and effect, these higher life choices lead to higher incarnations, as we cycle through the Wheel again and again, learning and releasing negative karma. As the Wheel teaches us, after countless cycles of life and death, we finally reach enlightenment and may step off the wheel of reincarnation and suffering.

During this process of death and rebirth, it is very important to prepare for our final moment. The last thought we have before transitioning helps determine our next incarnation - whether into a higher or lower realm. It is wise, therefore, to avoid fear at the moment of death. A fearful last thought can send us into a lower incarnation. The Wheel of Life helps us understand the process of life and death, and teaches us what it means to drop the illusion of the physical form and continue our soul’s Divine journey. These teachings enable us to remain tranquil and blissful at the moment of transition, preparing us for a higher incarnation.

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For the advanced spiritual seeker, Derek O'Neill offers high teachings on the Wheel of Life to enhance your practice and bring you further on your path. These Karmic Wheel teachings are availale for download in our Paid Teachings section HERE.