• 2012: Preparation for the New Consciousness (Oil blend)
  • Awake: Reveal Higher Life Purpose (Oil blend)
  • Be Well: Open to Abundance (Oil blend)
  • Clear Path: Clear Energy (Hydrosol Spray)
  • Complete Set of Hydrosol Sprays
  • Complete Set of Oil Blends
  • Desserts: Relaxation and Joy (Oil blend)
  • Emotional Star: Heal and Nurture (Hydrosol Spray)
  • Frankincense (replacement refill for Magi Gift Set)
  • Gifts of the Magi Gift Set
  • Joyity: Love And Divine Connection (Hydrosol Spray)
  • Myrrh (replacement refill for the Magi Gift Set)
  • Pressure Relief: Trust and Surrender (Oil blend)
  • Roots: Ground Energy, Be Present (Oil blend)
  • Spontaneity: Fun And Play (Hydrosol Spray)
  • Valley: Meditation and Stillness (Oil blend)
  • Warm Heart: Gratitude and Humility (Oil blend)

A journey starts with a single step... first we must open the door to healing and then we must find the courage to walk ...MORE ITEMS...

  • Babaji - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Divine 12 Masters Altar Set
  • Jesus the Christ - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Master Ashtar - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Master Hilarion - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Master Jesus - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Melchizedek - paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Merlin - Paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Prema Birthing - Paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Sathya Sai Baba - Paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • Shirdhi Sai Baba - Paintings by Karen Goldsmith
  • The Sage - Paintings by Karen Goldsmith

Let these paintings enchant you. Let them move you. Let them give you pleasure. After all, what we surround ourselves...MORE ITEMS...


Creacon Sessions

On the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each month (unless otherwise noted), Derek O'Neill offers inspirational talks at Creacon Retreat Centre in Wexford, Ireland.

To register for live attendance, or for more information about Creacon Retreat Centre, please visit www.SQ-Retreats.com. For more current audio downloads from Derek O'Neill, visit www.derekoneill.com.

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