We are SQ are not interested in selling you just another tee-shirt, fleece or item of clothing. As a matter of fact, we...MORE ITEMS...

    • Pendant - Prema Agni - Large Gold
    • Pendant - Prema Agni - Large Silver
    • Pendant - Prema Agni - Small Gold
    • Pendant - Prema Agni - Small Silver
    • Pendant - Prema Dharmadatu - Small 14K Gold
    • Pendant - Prema Dharmadhatu - Large Gold
    • Pendant - Prema Dharmadhatu - Small Gold
    • Pendant - Prema Dharmadhatu- Large Silver
    • Pendant - Prema Dharmadhatu- Small Silver
    • Pendant - Premapranahuti - Gold plated
    • Pendant - Premapranahuti - Silver
    • Pendant - Rising Star - Large Gold
    • Pendant - Rising Star - Large Silver
    • Pendant - Rising Star - Small Gold
    • Pendant - Rising Star - Small Silver

    Why would you wear a sacred symbol, pendant, or talisman? The main reason is to help us throughout the day to know that...MORE ITEMS...



    Let these paintings enchant you. Let them move you. Let them give you peace of mind. After all, what we surround ourselves with shows us who we are!


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    Jesus the Christ - paintings by Karen Goldsmith

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    Divine 12 Masters Altar Set

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    This altar set includes 12 Divine Master of the images above (excluding Jesus the Christ), plus portraits of Lady Linda and Derek O'Neill. The altar set is bound between two sacred symbols, the Prema Agni and the SQ logo.

    SQ Wellness

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