"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother."

Kalil Gibran

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What is Consciousness?

Consciousness on the spiritual path can be described as our awareness or level of perception about ourselves and the world around us. As our consciousness rises, we become aware of more that exists in and around us.

"The world is born when you are ignorant. It dies when you become wise. You alone create when agitated, and un-create when in grace by stilling the mind."

Through sincere dedication to a spiritual path of service and healing our own issues, our state of awareness, or consciousness, often rises beyond the norm, enabling us to experience existence from a new higher perspective. This higher perspective often leads to a greater sense of purpose, joy and connection with a Higher Source. In general, we enjoy a happier, more fulfilled life.
At lower levels of consciousness, typically we are aware of only the physical aspects of an experience – what can be sensed with the five physical senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. As consciousness rises, we start to become aware of more. Our ability to sense and feel energy increases. We begin to sense or feel things about others, their motivations and level of authenticity – we can “read” situations more accurately as our consciousness rises. At the highest levels of consciousness, as with a highly evolved soul or Master, one can sense everything about a situation on all levels, far beyond the physical senses.
Consciousness also refers to our belief systems. Consciousness is energy. When we focus energy, we manifest, or create, what we focus upon. For example, “lack consciousness” refers to a belief that there is not enough to go around – not enough money, not enough love, etc. A person with this consciousness will most certainly experience a shortage of money or love in their life, because their consciousness, or belief system, has created that for them. It is as if we all prove to ourselves that we are correct in our beliefs. A person with love consciousness will create much love in their life, a person with fear consciousness will create and experience fear, etc. Two people are sharing a meal together at a restaurant. One person, exercising lack consciousness, notices a lack of attention by the waiter, and sends the waiter anger. The other person, exercising compassion consciousness, notices the waiter is overworked and in need of kindness, and sends the waiter love. Two completely different experiences result from differing levels of consciousness.
Consciousness can extend beyond our own lives to influence the world at large. Everything we focus upon is taken into our consciousness, and affects us. If we focus on fearful events on television or newspapers, we begin to feel fearful. In turn, our fear energizes the original situation, making it stronger. If we focus on loving events, we begin to feel love, and our love in turn energizes and empowers loving events, thereby increasing their frequency in our lives and on the planet generally. Therefore it becomes increasingly important to exercise awareness and discipline over our beliefs and the information we allow to enter our consciousness. By choosing unity consciousness over separation consciousness, non-judgment over judgment, peace over conflict, we empower those positive energies not only in own lives, but also the world. In this way, we each can do our part to help guide humanity toward an era of love, joy and enlightenment.
The gateway to higher levels of consciousness is your heart. Through self-healing, selfless service, prayer, meditation, contemplation, devotion, faith and Grace we can move beyond limited physical awareness to a deeper, more fulfilling awareness of the bigger picture.